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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Am I really that messed up


It smells like every unfamiliar place I have ever been
not good or bad but unsettling
the smell wont let you rest
This room where I wait with my father
he waits to die
while I wait to live
He wont wake up, we both understand that
still we wait together
as others make there peace
everything here is sterile which is comforting
this place makes it easy to be numb
I want to feel
I want to be so overcome with sorrow I have to leave
and never come back
never think about this place again
but I don’t, so this numbness
like a vial to watch our pain through
this is good
it helps to tell your family "its time"
it helps to tell the doctors "its time"
the numbness helps to say goodbye one last time
the one that really counts
and watch the hope dry out
of my brothers eyes


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